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Governance Practices

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group Company adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and applies all the applicable provisions contained in the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority and other related laws and regulations, as well as principles of international governance best practices, where applicable. The Group has established a governance framework that includes regulations and policies that promote transparency, accountability and competence guided by the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority.

In line with its believe to work for better future and its aim to establish a long term investment value, the Group keeps its commitment to establish solid relationships with all of its shareholders and other stakeholders through:

Adhering to the policies, procedures and Bylaw of the Group.
Providing reliable and transparent reports.
Compliance with all local laws, regulations, and rules and international best practices.

The Group leadership team consisting of the Board of Directors, its Committees and the Executive Management plays a fundamental role to the Group’s success and excellence through the application of Governance Policies and through their possession of a combination of skills, experiences and personal attributes that enabled them in leading the Group forward with all professionalism and as one administrative body for more than (25) years.

The Group is fully aware of the importance of the ongoing developments in Corporate Governance; therefore, the Group continuously reviews and updates the corporate governance framework when needed based on any amendments to local laws and regulations or international practices.

Company's Committees

In line with the related legislation in place and best financial, economic and investment practices, the Board of Directors has formed three committees, in addition to the Audit Committee formed by the General Assembly of the Group. The following are the formed Committees in the Group:

  Audit Committee
  Executive Committee
  Nominations and Remunerations Committee
  Patient Safety and Quality of Care Committee

Committees Members Names

Audit Committee:

​- Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Turaigi ​Chairman
- Turki Abdul Mohsen Al Luhaid ​Member
​- Rasheed Abdulrahman Nasser Al Rasheed

Executive Committee:

​- Mazen Abdulrazzaq Sulaiman Al-Rumaih ​Chairman
​- Faisal Abdullah Ali Al-Nassar Member​
​- Saleh Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Habib ​Member
​- Hisham Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al Habib

Nominations and Remunerations Committee:

​- Obaid Abdullah Ubaid Al-Rasheed ​Chairman
- Saleh Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Habib ​Member
​- Ahmed Saleh Mohammed Al-Sudais Member​

Patient Safety and Quality of Care Committee:

​- Mahmoud Shahin Shehada Al Ahwal ​Chairman
- Abdullah Sulaiman Al Herbish ​Member
​- Abdulilah Mohammed Rabei Mohammed Al-Hawsawi Member​

Committees Charters

  Audit Committee
  Executive Committee
  Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  Patient Safety and Quality of Care Committee

Governance Plicies and Charters

In line with the Group’s objective to set adequate procedures, controls and systems that would enable the Group to achieve good governance that ensures systems of control, accountability and promote transparency in relation to the activities of the Group and its employees in a manner that commensurates with the risks involved in these activities, and in implementation and in compliance with the Corporate Governance Regulations and other related Laws and Regulations, in addition to the principles of international governance and best practices, the Group 's Ordinary General Assembly and /or the Board of Directors have adopted and approved the following policies, regulations and instructions:

  Board, Committees, and Executive Management Remunerations Policy
  Policies, Standards and Procedures for Board Membership
  Board of Directors Charter
  Conflict of Interest Policy
  Internal Audit Operational Manual
  Related Parties Transactions Manual
  Transparency and Disclosure Policy
  Investor Relations Manual
  Shareholders' Manual
  Code of Conduct (Read More)
  Social Responsibility Policy
  Competing Business Standards

Company's Bylaw

​Group's Bylaw

Company's General Assemblies

  Assemblies Meetings Invitations
  Assemblies Meetings Minutes