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Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital in AL Sweidi

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital in AL Sweidi is the first digital facility in the KSA that uses electronic systems at all stages of the provision of healthcare services; from patient's admission until their departure from the Hospital. The Hospital combines about 300 beds and 240 clinics, in addition to the allocation of 32 isolation rooms in all departments of the hospital, in line with the consequences of the spread of infectious diseases and epidemic. The number of rooms in the hospital is 88 ones in each floor, characterized by spacious spaces that provide greater comfort for patients. The space of royal suite is about 170 m2 with marvelous views. Also, the Hospital has 100 rooms for normal labor, 2 rooms for cesarean labor, along with intensive care unit for newborns which accommodates approximately 58 incubators, 10 quarantine rooms, and 31 postpartum rooms. There are also 10 operation rooms on 56 m2, while the internationally-adopted standard is 45 m2, 2 cardiac catheterization rooms, and about 50 intensive care rooms. In addition, the Hospital includes emergency department with capacity of 45 beds and quarantine rooms equipped with automated systems for quick dealing with infectious cases.